We believe that every accredited US institution of higher learning is capable of building and sustaining a robust Fulbright application and success pipeline. The role of the Fulbright Program Advisor varies widely from campus to campus. In many cases, the FPA hat is one of many that a program administrator or instructor wears.

You can increase and improve your university’s Fulbright US Student Program applicant pool and success rates. Working directly with FPAs, honors program administrators, study abroad office administrators, and academic advisors, we help you plan for your institution’s continued Fulbright success. We create tools for you to be better able to help your students prepare and complete applications.

We are also available to your institution’s students, and our services can include:

  • Materials to help larger numbers of your campus’ eligible students commit to the application process and start viable applications

  • Thematically-focused large-group presentations (our host institution session is particularly popular)

  • Small-group or one-on-one advising and feedback on student drafts

In our online course, we provide direct support to students with limited research experience and advise them through the entire application process. Group rates are available for institutions sending four or more students with 3.0 GPAs or higher through the course at the same time.

Of the students who have completed our courses to date, 80% have reached the Fulbright semi-finalist stage.

Your students can be supported at every step of the Fulbright application process, including:

  • host country identification

  • research question development

  • research method identification

  • proposal-writing strategies

  • host institution outreach strategies

  • structured accountability through homework assignments

  • interview preparation

We’d love to learn how we can support your institution.