Our Vision

The Fulbright is a life-changing opportunity to which everyone who’s eligible and interested should have access, regardless of socioeconomic background and internal resources at their college or university. Our mission is to make applying for a Fulbright approachable—and winning a Fulbright accessible—to people of all backgrounds.

Our Story

Lauren and Adriana met on the UC Berkeley campus in 2009 when Lauren was in undergrad and Adriana was working on her PhD. After chatting for a few minutes, Adriana commented to Lauren, “You should look into applying for a Fulbright.” Lauren responded, “Isn’t that hard and really prestigious?” Adriana explained what a Fulbright is and convinced Lauren that it was achievable with the right mindset and support.

Adriana gave Lauren homework assignments and lots of feedback, turning the Fulbright application process into manageable, bite-sized components. The application changed Lauren’s life trajectory. By working on her proposal, Lauren got clarity on what she was passionate about and what direction she wanted to take her career.

Lauren was awarded the Fulbright Research/Study Award to Brazil. Grateful to Adriana, she began passing on what Adriana had taught her by encouraging others to apply for the Fulbright and coaching them through the process.

Adriana and Lauren have now been coaching people to winning Fulbright applications for a decade. Wanting to help people beyond their immediate circles, they decided to start Win a Fulbright and post resources online.

What we do

  • We offer free resources including virtual office hours, articles, and our free Fulbright 101 course, which is a strategic introduction to a strong application for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

  • We teach a summer Fulbright Intensive online course for those working on applications who want structured accountability and expert feedback.

  • We partner with universities to increase their applicant pools and student success rates. Currently, 80% of students who complete our courses have been designated Fulbright semi-finalists.